Thursday, 17 February 2011

Review: M.A.C Cherry Lip Pencil and Ramblas Red Lipstick

I absolutely adore red lipstick. It can be the basis of so many different looks; from pin up to vamp, it's individual and versatile and I have been on the search for the perfect colour of red since I fell in love with the colour 2 years ago. For a long while, I wasted countless hard earned pennies on drugstore red lipsticks but never found one that was quite right for me. That's when I ventured to M.A.C, where else?
I asked the girl to identify which red would suit my skintone and she suggested Ramblas Red. I was rather dubious having heard so little about this specific lipstick but I purchased it along with their Cherry Lip Pencil...

First off is the Lip Pencil. Personally, I don't own very many lipliners as I find choosing a colour quite difficult, however this is different from all the rest. This is the most marvelous Lip Pencil I have ever tried, amazingly pigmented, creamy, easy to use and the perfect shade of red are just a few of the compliments I would pay this lip pencil! The colour is described on the MAC website as a "vivid bright blueish red" which exactly describes the colour.
I tend to apply this around the shape of my lips, then fill in the rest with the pencil too which really helps your lipstick cling to your lips for longer. However, I've found myself wearing this lip pencil simply on its own due to the impressive colour pay-off and its ability to last even until the next morning!

MACs Cherry Lip Pencil retails at £10.50 for 1.45g (which lasts forever!)

Next up is Ramblas Red Lipstick, a beautiful bright blueish red but with slightly deeper tones than your classic red lipstick. This lipstick has an Amplified Creme finish which I find to be a beautiful glossy yet long lasting finish. I adore the colour of this lipstick however it does have a few flaws: if not used alongside a lip pencil, this lipstick bleeds TERRIBLY, so warning, forget a lip pencil at your peril! Secondly, the lipstick doesn't last as long as I would hope a red lipstick to last on the lips.

MACs Ramblas Red Lipstick retails at £13.50 for 3.0g.

The reason I love these colours so much is that the suit me when I have my fake tan on or happen to be embracing my paleness as you can see in the pictures below. I find that, with a lot of red lipsticks, one will suit me beautifully when tanned and look horrible when pale and vice versa.

Fake tanned as you like!

Embracing the pale!
(Apologies for the rubbish pictures, I had to take them on my Blackberry as my camera has went daft again!)

Recommended for: anyone with cool undertones looking for a beautiful red lipstick/lip pencil.

What is/are your favourite red lipstick/s?

ARK xo

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