Friday, 6 May 2011

Review: Girls Aloud False Eyelashes - Nadine

I'm sure all of you false eyelash fans out there have tried at least one pair of the Girls Aloud false eyelash collection, but I thought I'd give you a little overview of them and what I think. I'm starting with the Nadine pair as these are my personal favourite. On the back of the packaging is a little note from Nadine about her eyelashes:

"My lashes are full and layered with a really natural feel. I could wear this fun, flirty style everyday!"

Well, I have to agree with the lovely Nadine. Her style are most definitely layered which you can see when placing the glue on the band, it is like 2 sets of thinner eyelashes have been layered together to create a fuller effect. Speaking of th band, it is very flexible and easy to maneuver for easy application to the lids. The lashes are very full too but without being thick and also look very natural (for false eyelashes, lets not forget what we're talking about haha!) in comparison to the other styles in the range. The lashes themselves vary between long and short fibres and flare out lightly at the sides to create a lovely cat eye effect, just what I look for in falsies :) However, as with the whole range and most false eyelashes , you really need to use a different glue than the one that comes with the lashes. I find the glue to not have much sticking power and ultimately makes the eyelashes more difficult to apply, so I use the glue which came with my Illamasqua falsies but I have heard many guru's recommending Duo Lash Glue.
Here is an obnoxiously posey picture of me wearing the Nadine lashes :)

Recommend for: Those looking for a dramatic false lash effect without being too OTT.
Avoid if: You prefer very very natural looking lashes or do not want to buy additional glue.


  1. very good product review!

    ifollowed your blog hope you could be my follower too!

  2. They look fab and you look stunning! x

  3. they girl in the pic is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo damn sexxxxxxy. im jealous Dx


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