Friday, 17 October 2014

Origins Dr Weil Mega Mushroom Soothing Face Cream Review

Following up on my previous post "How to Make your Makeup Look Better", I thought it would be the perfect time to do a skincare review. The Origins range of skincare has always appealed to me due to the plant base of all of their products and the fact they are free from all chemical nasties. After looking through their website, my first origins purchase was the Dr Weil Mega Mushroom Soothing Face Cream. 

What Origins say -
"This remarkable hydrating cream instantly calms the skin. Visibly reduces redness and sensitivity. Great for sensitive and reactive skin"

Now my skin is in no way sensitive but in my experience, moisturisers designed for sensitive skin tend to be a lot richer which is what I like in (particularly) a night time face cream. The first thing you notice about this is the amazing smell; it reminds me of Clarins Blue Orchid Face Oil if any of you have smelled that before. It's a very natural plant-based scent which smells soothing much as the name would suggest, which I can imagine some people hating but I love. The cream has an rich almost balmy texture to it making it ideal going into the winter months for particularly dry or dehydrated skin. In terms of results, I have definitely seen a difference in the hydration levels of my skin; leaving it plumper and more even in texture. In terms of the claim that it soothes sensitised skin, I can't really comment as my skin is not sensitive but I do imagine it'd be great for those who are. All in all, I'd say this is a great moisturiser for anyone who has dry or dehydrated skin looking for soothing to hydrate and even the texture of the skin but definitely avoid if you're oily or combination.

ark xo


  1. I use the mega mushroom treatment ☺️

    1. I've never tried the treatment but am dying to! Next purchase :) x


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