Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Review: Lush Oatifix Handmade Fresh Face Mask

Who doesn't love a little treat from Lush every so often? Even walking past that shop makes me happy, the smell is just amazing. On a recent shopping trip I found myself being drawn in to treat myself to a couple of goodies. After looking around, I decided I didn't actually need 99% of the lovely products and plunged for 2 face masks as I've ran out of my regular one.

I told the assistant that my skin is Normal/Dehydrated and that I'd been having some issues with breakouts around my chin. She actually suggested just about every face mask that they sell, so I pretty much had to make my own decision. In the end I plunged for Oatifix and Cosmetic Warrior (review for this to follow).

Lush describes this to be for a dry, sensitive or irritated skin and contains oats, ground almonds and mashed banana in order to soothe and comfort. My first impression was that I loved the smell of this, which I find odd because I cannot stand bananas! It reminds me of being a little girl and eating some Ready Brek with honey, a right wholesome, comforting smell. I applied this to my skin after cleansing, and I would recommend doing this over a sink or in the bath as oats were going everywhere! I enjoyed the sensation of this on my skin, however I was conscious of it falling off my face (maybe I should have got a bowl and had the remains for my supper?). However, my skin did feel baby soft and smooth after using this I guess due to the light exfoliation. I wouldn't say it exactly addressed my concerns exactly but would be perfect for someone who has a dry or sensitive skin. And remember to keep this one in the fridge, but try not to accidentally have it for your breakfast! ;)

Pros: Smell // Softens skin // Soothing
Cons: Messy // Has to be used up quickly due to fresh ingredients

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