Monday, 14 April 2014

Review: Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation

Foundation, my favourite thing to review! I think every girl out there is on the quest to find their perfect foundation and jings is it pretty hard to find one you love. This little beauty is much talked about on the old blog scene, I feel like everyone and their granny has tried this at some point. 

The Laura Mercier website describes this as a full coverage, luminous foundation which leaves the skin feeling hydrated all day and has a comfortable wear.

Well, for once I'd have to agree with the website entirely. This is my holy grail foundation, I love it, I'd probably run away into the sunset with it if I could. Silk Creme is definitely a fuller coverage foundation, it provides an opaque coverage with so little of the product due to it's high pigmentation.
 It is not like any other foundation I've ever tried, it's rich, creamy and practically melts on to the skin. The finish of Silk Creme is beautiful, luminous, just as described. The only fuller coverage foundation that seems to give a beautiful soft focus, candlelit glow. And guess what? It actually lasts on your skin ALL DAY as well... Granted, 9 times out of 10 I wear a primer with mines so I can get maximum wear from it but even without a primer it lasts amazingly well. 
Now, I bet you're wondering what the downside of it is? I'm sad to say that there is one; the colour selection. Silk Creme is only available in 10 colour going from the lightest Soft Ivory to the darkest Hazelnut Beige. What bugs me is that the Hazelnut Beige is about 3 shades too light for my post holiday tan, so I can't wear this foundation in Summer. So, if Laura Mercier brings out a couple of darker shades, I'll be a happy lady! 
Now, it is one of the more expensive foundations I've used but it is so worth it and the product lasts for such a long time, you don't really mind forking out the £34 for beautiful skin.

Left: Rose Ivory (Natural Colour)  //  Right: Cashew Beige (Fake Tan Colour)

Pros: Full coverage // Luminous finish // Long wearing
Cons: Colour selection // Price

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