Monday, 5 May 2014

Beauty Haul

Hello lovelies! Well it'd been that glorious time again when our bank accounts fill back up to a beautiful level and we can afford to treat ourselves! So, with that in mind I got a fair few bits and pieces to cheer myself up this month and in this post I'll show you the beauty items that I picked up.

First stop, MAC! The reason I went into MAC in the first place was to pick up the "Harmony" blush as I'd seen a few pictures of girls wearing this on instagram as a contour and it looked gorgeous. It's the perfect cool toned brown blush with a matte finish. It's my go to for contouring now!


I feel like everyone and their granny had tried Strobe Cream apart from me! Everyone raves about this product to prep skin before foundation or to mix with foundation to give your skin more luminosity. This is a completely different texture from what I expected, but I'm loving this underneath my usual foundation or on it's own if I'm just going to the gym or something.

I fancied some new lip liners as I've not really tried any MAC ones apart from Cherry which is my absolute must have when creating a red lip. I saw this little nude number and picked this up too. It's a little bit lighter of a nude than I normally go for, I'd say this would probably go perfect with the likes of Hue and Myth.

 And obviously, I needed a little Cherry replacement :)

I've been looking for a nice coral lip pencil for a while now and I couldn't seem to find one that suited the coral lipsticks I had in my collection. So, I was ecstatic when I swatched this bad boy and saw it was the perfect colour! If you're looking for a nice liner to go with Vegas Volt etc. I'd definitely suggest this.
 Eyeshadows are my favourite things to browse and play with from MAC. I love the vast range of shades and textures that they offer so I always end up coming away with at least 1 new shade every visit! The shades I plunged for were Moons Reflection, Coppering, Naked Lunch and Cranberry. Moons Reflection is a stunning cornflower blue colour, Coppering is a red based copper, Naked Lunch is a frosted nude with warm undertones and Cranberry is an old favourite of mines and had to buy a replacement as mines crumbled! It's a stunning metallic plum.

And finally, I picked up Love Nectar Lustreglass. Just to let you know, I am NOT a lipgloss person at all... I very rarely wear it as I find it high maintenance and just a plain bugger. However, I saw this and I fell in love. I do appreciate a lipgloss when I'm going for a nude lip and this is the perfect partner to any nude lipstick!
I also had a snoop around eBay to pick up some new bits and pieces for my kit. So I purchased a couple of cheap palettes to use on clients and I have to say I'm actually quite surprised at the quality!
This concealer palette was only £3 and the product is quite good! It's not amazing, but it works well for contouring and highlighting.

The 120 Palettes have intrigued me for ages and I finally decided to take the plunge and get the classic...and the neutral too! These eyeshadows again, aren't blow you out the water amazing but they do well for when you're looking for a specific colour and would be great for beginners!



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